Tractor in the Snow

This past week, we had a rare snowfall on the coast of North Carolina. While visiting family, I noticed their tractors covered in snow out in the yard. I liked the look of them so I went outside to take some pictures. I got the photo below of a weathered Massey Ferguson belonging to my step-dad. Just one of the many ways I enjoyed our snow days.


Black and white photos 2017

I’m an amateur photographer at most. The busyness of my life and my scattered interests has not made it easy for me to focus in detail on the more technical aspects of photography; but in some ways I’ve delved a little deeper into the world of pictures this year. A while back, I experimented with transforming some of my color photos into black and white. This simple act produced more than one aha moment as in many cases, I could actually see more depth in my photos in black and white than I could in color. At the very least, it altered the dimension in such a way that it gave me a different perspective on the experience I had when I took the photo. Some of my favorite transformations are below.



Layers between Dunes

On the south end of Ft Fisher, there is an area designated for people to take 4-wheeled drives onto the beach. A lot of fishermen use the access. As a child, I went down there with my family. My father and one of my uncles both owned 4-wheeled drive vehicles, my dad a Bronco, my uncle a Jeep. The adults would find wading pools for the children to play in while the men fished. I remember those outings with contentment and happiness. Some of my best memories.

While visiting the beach a few weeks back, I ventured down to the south end on foot, eventually walking along the access between the dunes. I got this picture of tire tracks in the sand with the dunes behind them. Layers between the dunes.

IMG_3141 (1)


The picture below was taken the same day. I loved the view of the sun shining over the dune.

FullSizeRender (49)

Chapel of the Holy Cross

The Chapel of the Holy Cross is perched atop and built into a redrock cliff. Located in  Sedona, Arizona, it is a marvel of architecture. The chapel was commissioned by Marguerite Brunswig Staude who was a local sculptor, and was completed in 1956.

FullSizeRender (40)

I visited the chapel in 2009. It was my first and only trip to Arizona, although I hope to visit again. I am a beach girl by heart, but I must admit that my soul was enamored and awestruck by the beauty of the redrocks. What a wonder!

Below are some of my pictures of the chapel and the surrounding area of Sedona.

These pictures were taken inside the chapel.

And these were taken outside. What a magnificent view!


Smith Creek-Against the odds photo

Against the Odds

This was taken when I was walking at a local park a few weeks ago. It was an overcast day. I noticed an interesting pattern in the clouds so I decided to snap a photo. At the time, I really couldn’t see that well so I just aimed and took the picture. When I pulled the camera back, I still couldn’t see the image very well, but I could tell that it was more special than I had anticipated. I was simply taking a picture of the clouds, but I got much more.