via Daily Prompt: Jiggle

About a year ago, I posted the following Facebook status:

This morning when I was in Zumba class, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and felt a little remorse at not having lost the 10 lbs that I’ve been vowing to lose for well, about 10 years now; but then Pitbull reminded me that it’s ok if a big booty jiggles, sometimes. Thanks for the words of comfort, Pitbull.

What followed was a host of likes, LOLs and comments about the wisdom of Pitbull to which I responded, tongue in cheek, “Well, he is an international lover so he knows these things”. One friend wanted to know if he mentioned belly fat. I told her not specifically, but my interpretation of the lyrics was that any kind of jiggle was a good thing.

Now, I’m not going to deny that Pitbull’s lyrics are sexist (or vulgar, as my mother would say :), although I do have to admit that when one of his songs comes on in Zumba, I am usually all over it. Most of them are pretty fun to dance to. Great beats. In today’s pop culture,  vulgarity seems to come with the territory. Not saying that it’s right, just that it seems to be the norm. But I digress.

What I am trying to describe is the shift in my mindset that occurred within the 20 seconds that I saw my reflection in the mirror, frowned on the inside, judged myself then heard the lyrics and became amused. Amused at the fact that this man with a (seemingly) overblown ego has built a entire career praising something that is one of the banes of my existence. Jiggle. It’s ironic, and yet it offers perspective. There are a lot of ways to look at jiggle.

I’m sure the healthy approach is somewhere in between Pitbull and myself. I’m also sure it doesn’t really matter, but maybe I’ll get there one day. 🙂


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